• 2011


A/C/S® Street cleaning by Q-SOFT is the first fully automated route optimization in the areas of street cleaning and winter maintenance.
A sophisticated optimization algorithm and a comprehensive catalog of parameters ensures the automatic route optimization now also in these two areas. By varying the different parameters all plans are available with just one push of a button. The unique solution cannot be offered by any other software vendor in Germany with a similar scope.


  • 2010


The new A/C/S® route optimization and waste to energy will be presented at the IFAT-Entsorga.
The route optimization has been developed and can be used for street cleaning and winter maintenance. In addition, the portfolio for use in waste disposal facilities has been expanded.

On the occasion of the new electronic waste detection method is A /C/S presents eANV®.

The solution manages all the processes that are associated with the new electronic document management, including communication with the TCS.


  • 2008


A/C/S® 3.4 is expanded to include numerous functions.
These include inter alia the optimized logistics management and contract management, commodity trading as well as the advanced document filing system.

Presentation of A/C/S® 3.4 at IFAT (worldwide environment and waste disposal fair).

At present, in the German-speaking countries Q-SOFT is the leader of innovation in economic and environmental waste disposal management, and is also the technological market leader amongst the suppliers of software solutions for these lines of businesses.

  • 2006

With TourGo®, Q-SOFT introduced fully-automated route planning for container service and bulky waste. 

Linking this up smoothly with A/C/S® Mobile produced an all-in-one telematics solution.

  • 2005

Inclusion of complex accounting module into A/C/S®.

  • 2004

With the use of Q-SOFT technology, the first e-business solution of a municipal waste disposal company was set up online.

In September, Q-SOFT presented its latest software release to the public: A/C/S® 3.2.5. Numerous product and business innovations were built in.  

  • 2003

Enhancement of the A/C/S® software with the aim of making it possible to map out supply procedures.

Consequently, for the first time a comprehensive software tool, which could be used to simultaneously manage and optimise procedures of supply and waste disposal, was made available.  The development of this novel logistical approach was promoted in part by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


Reference order e-business

Q-SOFT provided the first online portal for a waste disposal service and in so doing established new quality standards in process optimisation.  Logistics, invoicing and material flow could now be managed for thousands of collection points and more than 100 subcontractors throughout Germany.
  • 1996-1998

Technological standards for business-specific solutions: in 1998, GeoInfo unleashed route planning – further software developments for Internet use. 

The foundations for development with Windows rose yet another level in quality.  Q-SOFT GmbH succeeded in enthusing highly qualified employees for the whole aspect of ‘expertise’ within the business.  And so in the long run Q-SOFT guaranteed the technological optimisation of the waste disposal software. 

  • 1993

A/C/S® as a future-proof SQL database solution for Windows.

While other contractors were still brooding over MS DOS optimisations, Managing Directors Peter Volkmar and Uwe Sengteller decided to switch to SQL database solutions for Windows – at a very early point in time for waste disposal businesses.  At this decisive point, the Q-SOFT engineers finally established themselves as pioneers and leaders of innovation.  The outcome: straightforward and flexible tools for intricate use in the shortest space of time. 

  • 1992

MS DOS-based optimisation: software and communications infrastructure from one source.

The prerequisite for this breakthrough development in waste disposal software was a compatible communications infrastructure.  Q-SOFT made this important field one of its assets and hence became independent from external service providers.  From the outset, networks were tailor-made using Q-SOFT’s own software programmes. 

  • 1991

The stage was set for serially producing the basic modules of one of the first module-based waste disposal programmes, i.e. the cost assessment and route planning modules forming part of an integrated system designed for MS DOS. 

The crucial extra quality of A/C/S®, which attracted nationwide renown, lay in the computer-aided route planning, which could now be carried out in addition to cost assessment.  Essentially, waste disposal businesses could now enhance the efficiency of their operating procedures.