Waste disposal businesses are not only faced with the challenge of removing various forms of waste quickly, safely and efficiently, they also have to organize its subsequent management or raw material trading as cost-efficiently and productively as possible.  Because more and more raw materials issue from waste.
Regardless of whether it’s small, big, public or private, the standard solution A/C/S® is suitable for local councils and all businesses in the waste disposal sector. 


A large number of modules and interfaces ensure that the software will meet the particular requirements of your business – e.g. in order management, material flow management, route planning or as an intricate e-business solution.  The modular layout enables flexible information processing and constant upgrades to pre-existing modules.


Thanks to A/C/S® Rent, Q-SOFT has made it possible to use the software over the Internet as and when necessary, either on a temporary or permanent basis.  On request, usage saves you hardware problems and therefore reduces associated costs.  As per our motto: don’t buy it, rent it!  We’ll reduce your communications infrastructure costs and we guarantee high operational reliability and data security, the chance to access the software regardless of where you are, and the best possible performance.