Logistical and organisational procedures need to be optimised on a constant basis to ensure the best possible, user-friendly use of any limited supplies of resources.  And all at a reasonable price.
The A/C/S® software is the right tool for speeding up processes and optimising operating procedures: the comprehensive and easily upgradeable system offers a wide range of modules – for resource use planning, quotation processing and contract law, built-in accounting, route planning, site and weight management, and statutory cost assessment.The individual A/C/S® modules complement one another and the user may combine them in any way they like.  For instance, a waste incineration plant would need the following modules: A/C/S® Anlage/Waage (site/weighing system), A/C/S® Nachweisverfahren (verification procedure), A/C/S® Vertrieb (sales & marketing), A/C/S® Stammdaten & Behälterverwaltung (master data & container management), A/C/S® Fakturierung (invoicing) and A/C/S® Rechnungswesen & Controlling (accounting & controlling).  This example would also operate using a Q-SOFT communications infrastructure.

See for yourself which modules you can use to increase the efficiency that you manage your waste disposal with: